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Atletico de Madrid vs. Juventus

International Champions Cup

Saturday 10 Aug 2019
Price: 145-3250 sek
Atletico de Madrid vs. Juventus

Atletico de Madrid vs. Juventus

International Champions Cup

Atletico de Madrid vs. Juventus

International Champions Cup

Saturday 10 Aug 2019

Important info when buying tickets

Stockholm Live is only liable for the sale of tickets from the Stockholm Live web site, Friends Arena web site, our box office, or via the event owner.  We strongly advise you against the purchase of tickets from any other service or seller because we cannot guarantee the validity or the existence of the ticket and, you risk paying much more than the face value of the ticket. Although the sale of tickets to events at the Arena on the black market is not illegal in Sweden, the Swedish Consumer Advice Board has noted misleading marketing of tickets.

Stadium Rules

Any person who enters the stadium (including the outer concourses) at Råsta Strandväg 1, 169 79 Solna, Sweden ("the Stadium") or any other property owned or controlled by the Stadium owner in the vicinity of the Stadium (together known as "the Grounds") is admitted only on the basis of these Rules and by entering the Grounds shall be deemed to have accepted these Rules.

1. Upon request, all spectators must submit to a search of their person and belongings. Anyone refusing to submit to such search will be refused entry to or be ejected from the Stadium.

2. It is strictly prohibited to bring alcohol or other drugs into the Grounds. Other than in exceptional
circumstances (to be determined at the sole discretion of the organiser) no person may bring into the Stadium any food or beverages. Admission to the Stadium will be denied if a person attempts to gain entry with alcohol, or any article capable of causing injury to a person struck by it, for example a bottle, can or other portable container.
3. It is strictly prohibited to bring any weapons or any other dangerous items such as a laser pointer into the Grounds. In addition to this Rule, the organiser has the right to refuse entry to or evict from the Stadium any spectator holding or keeping objects that can be considered bulky, may be used to brake the stadium regulations, or may otherwise compromise the security at the Stadium.
4. It is strictly prohibited to bring noisemakers (such as the so called “vuvuzela”), pyrotechnical items or other flammable fluids into the Grounds.

5. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs or who uses foul or abusive language will be refused entry to or be ejected from the Stadium.

6. All promotional, commercial, political and religious printed matter, including but not limited to clothes, leaflets, banners, flags, signs, symbols are prohibited within the Grounds unless authorised by the organiser of the match. Any objects or clothing bearing statements or commercial identification intended for "ambush
marketing" are prohibited within the Grounds. Any person who is in possession of such items may be refused entry to or ejected from the Stadium, and may be subject to legal action.

7. It is strictly prohibited to bring flags, banners or other items that contain a political or religious slogan, message, statement or image as defined by UEFA regulations. If there is any uncertainty whether such item include a forbidden slogan, statement, message or image the person bringing such item shall, before entering the Stadium, give the Organiser notice of his/her intention to bring the item into the Stadium. The Organiser has the right to not allow the person to bring the item into the Stadium. 

8. If a spectator, when inside the Stadium, produces a flag or banner that is prohibited in accordance with §7 above, the Organiser has the right to seize such item and withhold it until the end of the event. 

9. All flags and banners shall be duly fire impregnated and all spectators bringing such items shall be able to produce a certificate of such impregnation on request from the Organiser.

10. It is strictly prohibited to cover the whole face or part of it in a way that compromises identification of the
person or is perceived as threatening.

11. It is strictly prohibited to throw items inside the Stadium.

12. It is strictly prohibited to enter the pitch or any adjacent areas. Any breach will be punished by law.

13. Smoking, including any form of electronic cigarette, in the Grounds is strictly forbidden.

14. Recording and transmitting sound or moving images is only allowed after permission from the organiser. This also applies to continuous text reporting via Internet or other medium and for any kind of result reporting for commercial purposes.

15. CCTV monitoring occurs in the Grounds to identify any behaviour and persons causing any disturtbance to public order.

16. The organiser can move spectators from one stand to another to maintain law and order and security.

17. It is strictly prohibited to bring into the Stadium any bag larger than 40x40x20 cm.

18. Baby strollers, boxes, and other large items are prohibited inside the stadium.
19. Any person breaching these Rules will be refused entry to or evicted from the Stadium, risks being suspended from any other match at the Stadium and being reported to a public prosecutor in application of “access order at sports events”.

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Visitor Information


Time schedule (approx.)
Carlsberg Bar opens, next to entrance A via the arena square

16.30 Entrances opens
18.00 Kickoff

Approx. 19.45 Estimated end of game


Be here in good time

Many fans are expected for this game and because Friends Arena and the event owner demand a high level of security, entry to the Arena can take longer than expected. For this reason you should be here in good time. Do not bring a backpack or a handbag with you. Handbags and backpacks larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth) can not be brought into the arena.


Please have your ticket ready for scanning.
Do you have an e-ticket? Feel free to print the ticket or download it as a PDF in your phone and increase the brightness of the screen when scanning. Avoid taking a print screen of the ticket on your mobile phone as it degrades the quality of the image and makes it difficult to scan.

Practical info

Please leave system cameras and selfie sticks at home. Smartphones and small compact cameras are allowed. Food, drinks and umbrellas are not allowed into the Arena for security reasons. Handbags and backpacks larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth) can not be brought into the arena.​


You can deposit larger bags and other items you don´t want or are not allowed to bring into the Arena in our cloakroom at Gate 1 for 50 SEK.


Will the arena roof be open or closed?
The roof will be closed for today's game.


You can purchase merchandise outside on the Arena square and at section 101 if you are seated on level 1.


To make your visit safer, more convenient and easier, the Arena is a cash-free zone. Bring your bank or credit card only as only these payment methods are accepted.

If you still have questions, please visit our FAQ

Take the train to our arenas

Take the train with SJ from all over Sweden to our arenas. Choosing the train is not only easy and convenient, it is also a climate-smart alternative. Buy your trip via sj.se or in the SJ's app

Food and drinks

Carlsberg Bar is open to everyone at 15.00 next to entrance A via the arena square.
Once inside the arena, Carlsberg Bar is available to you with seats on level 1 and southern level 2.

North Bar opens at the same time as the entrances and is available for you with seats on level 3.

Inside the arena there are also a large selection of kiosks with snacks, drinks and lighter food.


We try to make everyone’s visit to the Arena a happy and memorable one. If you have any questions or encounter any problems please speak to one of our staff, or contact our Guest Service.

Take the metro

Plan your trip with SL Travel Planner and enter Friends Arena as your destination for the easiest way to get to the Arena.  
After the event, we urge visitors to take the metro from Solna centrum for the smoothest journey home.

Ticket Information

General admission

Price: 145-745 sek


- VIP entrance
- Premium seat stand 2, long side
- Dinner buffet
- Two units of drinks (beer, wine, non-alcoholic)
- Access to lounge


Lounge access

-    VIP entrance
-    Ticket on stand 2 long side
-    Two drink tickets (beer, wine, non-alcoholic)
-    Access to lounge and bar


18 years age limit