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Roger Waters

Us + Them Tour

Saturday 18 Aug 2018
Price: 635-1240 kr
Roger Waters

Roger Waters

Us + Them Tour

Roger Waters

Us + Them Tour

Saturday 18 Aug 2018

About the age restriction

Due to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency on high volumes there is a general age restriction for concerts at the Arena. It is incumbent upon the event owner to follow this, in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Management Agency. The age restriction is 13 YOA, even if the child is accompanied by an adult guardian. Exceptions are made for events that are specifically for children.

Many people may wonder why the onus is not on the parents to protect their child’s hearing, for example with earplugs. The intention of the general guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency is to protect the hearing of all children – even if parents are cognisant of how to protect their hearing or not. It is the responsibility of the event owner that the sound environment and sound levels do not cause harm to visitors’ hearing. According to Swedish law (The Environmental Code) the event owner cannot transfer the responsibility of protecting the hearing of visitors to the visitors.

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Visitor Information


Time schedule (approx.)
 Entrances opens
18.00 Warm-up in the Carlsberg Bar with food, drinks and DJ Camille Santana – for fans with tickets in stand 1 and on the parquet
18.00 North East Bar opens – for fans with tickets in stand 2
20.00 Start of concert
Approx. 23.00 Estimated end of concert

Fans are welcome to the Carlsberg Bar where the party continues until midnight!

The concert is divided into two acts with a break of 20 minutes

Be here in good time

Many fans are expected for this concert and because Friends Arena and the event owner demand a high level of security entry to the Arena can take longer than expected. For this reason you should be here in good time. Do not bring a backpack or a handbag with you. Handbags and backpacks larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth) can not be brought into the arena.

Please have your ticket ready for scanning.

Practical information

Please leave system cameras and selfie sticks at home. Smartphones and small compact cameras are allowed. Food, drinks and umbrellas are not allowed into the Arena for security reasons. Handbags and backpacks larger than 40x40x20 cm (height, width, depth) can not be brought into the arena.​


You can deposit larger bags and other items you are not allowed to bring into the Arena in our cloakroom. It is open 17.00-00.00 and costs 50 SEK (card and Swish payments only). The cloakroom is located between Quality Hotel Friends and Mall of Scandinavia.

Food & drink

For fans with tickets in the stands
Stand 1: From 18.00 warm-up in the Carlsberg Bar with food and drinks to the sounds of DJ Camille Santana.
Stand 2: From 18.00 the North East Bar opens with food and drinks

Inside the Arena there are several bars serving low-alcohol beer and kiosks serving snacks, wraps etc.

For fans with tickets on the parquet
Everyone with a ticket on the parquet is welcome to the Warm-up at Carlberg Bar from 18:00 where food and drinks are served to the sounds of DJ Camille Santana. On the parquet there are also three bars with drinks, snacks and easier eating such as wraps and simpler salads.
There is also Nachos with Pulled Pork and more wraps at sections 106 and 135 on stand 1.

To make your visit safer, more convenient and easier, the Arena is a cash-free zone. Bring your bank or credit card only as only these payment methods are accepted.

Take the metro home

Rail maintenance work is affecting all intercity and regional rail services and there are a limited number of public transport options for your journey home. SL (provider of public transport in Stockholm) therefore strongly advises to take the metro from Solna centrum which is within walking distance of the arena. Staff and signage will help you to show the way.

For the latest updates and best journey view SL.se 



We try to make everyone’s visit to the Arena a happy and memorable one. If you have any questions or encounter any problems please do not hesitate to speak to one of our staff, or contact our Guest Service at section 140.


Merchandise: You can purchase merchandise in the Arena square, on all levels in the arena as well as on the parquet.
Earplugs: Sold on all level inside the Arena and in kiosks.
Medics: There are medics present on all level inside the Arena
Accessibility: Read more here


Ticket Information

Ordinarie biljetter

PRIS: 635-1240 kr
Inkl serviceavgift

Sittande parkett, läkarplatser


PRIS: 740-940 kr
Inkl serviceavgift

Inkluderar en fri ledsagare