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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The information provided here is of a general nature – if you would like more information about an event go to the event page on friendsarena.se.
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Where is Friends Arena?

Friends Arena is located in Arenastaden in Solna, just north of Stockholm.
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What’s the easiest way of getting to Friends Arena?

The easiest way to get to Friends Arena is by public transport; commuter train, tram, metro and bus.

Take the commuter train and get off at Solna station. The travel time is 7 minutes from Stockholm City and 4 minutes from Stockholm Odenplan. Take the north exit from the train station and the Arena is a 10-minute walk.

Take the blue line, number 11 metro and get off at metro station Solna centrum or Näckrosen. Travel time is around 10 minutes from T-centralen metro station.

The walk from Näckrosen station (1.4 km) takes round 15 minutes, while Solna Centrum station (1.7 km) is a 20-minute walk.

Get off at Solna station. The tram stop is slightly further away than the commuter train station and the walk to the Arena takes 15-20 minutes.

Get off at bus stop ‘Arenan’ or commuter train station Solna station. Plan your trip with SL Travel Planner and enter Friends Arena as your destination for the easiest way to get to the Arena by bus.

Read more about any exceptions to this information and what applies ahead of your visit on the event page on friendsarena.se. To event

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Is there are drop-off zone at Friends Arena?

You can drop off passengers at the Arena as the roads in its vicinity are not closed. However, you can expect a lot of traffic in the area on event days.

Is there parking at the Arena?

Friends Arena does not generally offer car parking spaces in conjunction with events. Where car parking spaces are offered in conjunction with an event, these are sold on the event page on friendsarena.se 

Mall of Scandinavia, adjacent to the Arena, offers 3 700 parking spaces on five floors. On busy days at the mall and on event days these spaces are taken very quickly.

The car park at the Arenagaraget (entrance on Evenemangsgatan) has 500 spaces. It is run by Parkman 

Read more about the car parking in the area at arenastaden.se.

Is there a hotel close to Friends Arena?

Yes, Quality Hotel™ Friends, a design and conference hotel, is literally next door to the Arena. It has 400 rooms, a large lobby and a bar and restaurant. It is the perfect place to meet up ahead of a show or football match.

For more accommodation near the Arena, Visit Stockholm.

How do I find my seat in the arena?

From the menu bar click on Getting here for overviews of the Arena. Follow the instructions on your ticket; entrance, section and seat number. If you are still unsure about where your seat is ask one of the attendants.


Where can I buy tickets to events at the Arena?

You can buy tickets to events at Friends Arena at friendsarena.se, stockholmlive.com, at the Friends Arena box office and via event owners.

The box office at the Arena is located at Entrance A, the main entrance, and it is open two hours before an event. You can call the box office on +46 8 503 535 20, or email biljett@friendsarena.se. For tickets to AIK Fotboll matches please email aikbiljett@aikfotboll.se.

I bought tickets online but have not received them. What do I do?

If you bought tickets online via ticket.friendsarena.se to AIK Football, Swedish Men´s Football Team or Sweden International Horseshow
The tickets were sent to your e-mail address immediately after the booking was completed. Please check that they have not got into your spam folder addressed from noreply@friendsarena.se. If you still cannot find the tickets, you can log in to www.friendsarena.se/en/konto with your e-mail address and find copies of your tickets. Should you still experience problems please feel free to contact us at biljett@friendsarena.se.

If you purchased tickets through ticketmaster.se to a concert or Melodifestivalen 
Log in to the Ticketmaster website for copies of your tickets. If you have questions, please contact Ticketmaster.

Is it safe to purchase ticket on the black market?

Friends Arena is only liable for the sale of tickets from the Friends Arena web site, Stockholm Live web site, our box office, or via the event owner.  We strongly advise you against the purchase of tickets from any other service or seller because we cannot guarantee the validity or the existence of the ticket and, you risk paying much more than the face value of the ticket. Although the sale of tickets to events at the Arena on the black market is not illegal in Sweden, the Swedish Consumer Advice Board has noted misleading marketing of tickets.

The automated ticket checking terminals at the Arena scan each ticket for a unique EAN code upon entry on the day of the event. The EAN code can only be used once and a person using a copy of a ticket will be refused entry. You cannot check in advance whether a ticket is valid or not.

A name, other than my own, is on a ticket. Will I have a problem scanning it?

Tickets are not ‘personalized’ unless stated otherwise at the time of purchase. Where a promotor chooses to personalize tickets for an event, you will be informed of it on the event page. In such a case, if your name appears on the ticket you will be asked to provide valid identification to gain entry to the Arena.

Can I scan my ticket on my smartphone?

Yes, as long as the smartphone is damage-free because the scanning machines are sensitive. However, we recommend that you print it out to facilitate entry or alternatively download the ticket as a PDF file and increase the brightness on the screen before scanning. Avoid taking a screenshot/screen copy of the ticket on your smartphone as this worsens the quality of the image and makes it more difficult to scan.

Lost or stolen tickets

A ticket is a document of value and lost or stolen tickets will not be compensated. If your ticket has been stolen you should report it to the police. If you have booked your tickets at friendarena.se or ticketmaster.se and selected an e-ticket as method of delivery you can print out the ticket by logging onto the event page, or present the ticket on your smartphone. Do remember that such tickets are copies and come with an inbuilt security feature that allows them to be used on one occasion only.

Can you check in advance if a ticket is valid or not?

No, it is only when the ticket has been scanned at the Arena that you will know that the ticket is valid.

Why should I not publish images of my ticket on social media?

A ticket is a document of value. Do not take photographs of your ticket in which the bar code is visible, for example if you want to post it on social media.  The bar code can only be used to gain entry to the Arena on one occasion. A readable copy/image of a bar code could mean that someone else uses your ticket and the ticket you have therefore becomes invalid.

Why is there a service charge on tickets?

There is a service charge to cover administration costs connected to the purchase of a ticket. The service charge varies depending on the event owner and ticket price and the same service charge is levied across all sales channels. The prices stated on friendsarena.se include the service charge unless stated otherwise.

Can I purchase VIP seats for events at Friends Arena?

Yes, the supply of tickets varies for different events. Read more here or contact vip@stockholmlive.se

Can I return (redeem) tickets I have purchased?

Purchased tickets cannot be redeemed. When an event is cancelled a ticket can be redeemed, minus the service charge, at the point of purchase.

What happens if an event is postponed or cancelled?

When you purchase a ticket you are asked to provide your contact details. This lets us contact you, where practicably possible, to let you know when an event has been postponed or cancelled.

Please be aware that we cannot predict circumstances, for example when an event is cancelled. This type of information is given in the first place to the promotor, who will then contact you with information. In case of uncertainty please contact the promotor directly.

What is an e-ticket?

When you purchase a ticket online you can choose to have your ticket as an e-ticket (electronic ticket). This means that your ticket is emailed to you and you can print it out and take it with you to the event, and then scan it on your smartphone.

How do I purchase a wheelchair space?

For most events at Friends Arena you can purchase a wheelchair space yourself. For other events call the Friends Arena ticket office on +46 8 502 535 20 or email biljett@friendsarena.se to buy your ticket - or come to our ticket office.

Friends Arena has wheelchair seating at stand 1, row 26, as standard and the amount of seating available varies by event. A guest with reduced mobility with a wheelchair can bring along one companion and this is included in the price of the wheelchair ticket. The companion sits, subject to availability, on a chair next to, or on, a fixed seat behind the wheelchair space.


What am I not allowed to take into the Arena?

The following rules apply, unless otherwise stated on the event page here on friendsarena.se.To event

Dangerous or bulky items
You are not allowed to bring into the arena items that could cause damage to the Arena, injury to its staff or other visitors. These nclude, but are not limited to the following items; weapons, fireworks and other dangerous and fire hazard items. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, thermos’, aluminium cans and flag poles other than soft plastic, or clothing items/flags with text or symbols expressing contempt for ethnic, or other groups.

You are also not allowed to bring into the arena bulky items such as large umbrellas, large bags, or collapsible chairs.

Food and drink
You are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks into the Arena. For safety reasons you are not allowed to bring bottles into the arena regardless of material and content.

Sound and image capture equipment
Standard cameras, film cameras and other sound/image recording equipment are not allowed inside the Arena. Read more under the heading "Am I allowed to bring my camera into Friends Arena?".

How do I find out event times?

We usually get the event times from the event promotor a few days before the event, and we publish them on the event page here on friendsarena.se. A few days before the event, we also send a welcome e-mail to visitors who stated their e-mail address when buying tickets.

Please note due to the nature of live entertainment, all times including end of show times are approximate and subject to change and neither the event promotor or we can confirm what time the main artists will arrive on stage in advance.

If you have further questions or concerns about this, please contact the event promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the event promotor. To events.

Can I leave the arena during events and come back in?

No. The person who, after entry, leaves the venue is not entitled to re-entry

Are there any age limits on the events?

Due to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency on high volumes there is a general age restriction for concerts at the Arena. It is incumbent upon the event owner to follow this, in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Management Agency. The age restriction is 13 YOA, even if the child is accompanied by an adult guardian. Exceptions are made for events that are specifically for children.

Many people may wonder why the onus is not on the parents to protect their child’s hearing, for example with earplugs. The intention of the general guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency is to protect the hearing of all children – even if parents are cognisant of how to protect their hearing or not. It is the responsibility of the event owner that the sound environment and sound levels do not cause harm to visitors’ hearing. According to Swedish law (The Environmental Code) the event owner cannot transfer the responsibility of protecting the hearing of visitors to the visitors.

At some events – see the individual event page – small children sitting in the lap of their parents has free entrance. All other events demand a ticket from all visitors regardless of age.

An 18-year age limit applies to events where food and beverage are being served. The bars usually have a 20-year age limit for serving alcohol.

Is there a left luggage or coat check service at Friends Arena?

For safety reasons Friends Arena does not generally offer a left luggage or coat check service. You can read about exceptions to this and the conditions that apply to your visit on the event information page here at friendsarena.se. To event.

Will the roof be open or shut when I visit the Arena?

The promotor decides whether the roof will be open or closed during an event. Read more about what applies ahead of your visit on the event information page here on friendsarena.se. To event.

At aikfotboll.se you can read more about the AIK roof policy.

Am I allowed to bring my camera into Friends Arena?

Standard cameras and other professional sound and image recording equipment are not allowed inside the Arena. For some events there is a total ban on taking photographs in the Arena. Smartphone cameras and small, compact cameras are usually allowed.

The event owner takes the decision on any ban on taking photographs at its event and whether or not you are allowed to bring in a camera to the event.

Are there baby changing rooms Friends Arena?

There are baby changing facilities in stands 1 and 2, and on the private box level.

There are four baby changing rooms located at each corner of the arena on stand 1 – at sections 103, 118, 123 and 138.

At stand 2 (level 4) there is a baby changing room at section 232 and on the private box level (level 5) there are two baby changing rooms adjacent to boxes 30 and 57.

There is currently no baby changing room at stand 3 (level 6).

Is there an ATM at Friends Arena?

No, but there are several ATMs at the Mall of Scandinavia just across the square from the Arena. However, to make your visit safer, faster and easier, only card payments work at Friends Arena.


Are there medical staff and defibrillators at Friends Arena?

Medical staff are present at all events at the Arena and in emergencies contact the nearest kiosk, restaurant or Arena staff member and they will call the medics.

Defibrillators are located in the foyers in stands 1, 2, and 3 and at the ticket office.

Can I purchase earplugs at Friends Arena?

Yes, there are salespeople at the Arena who sell them at events where high noise levels can be expected. Ear plugs are also available for purchase from the kiosks.

Is there internet access at Friends Arena?

Yes, Friends Arena offers free Wi-Fi access to all of its visitors. To connect, search for the Wi-Fi network ‘FriendsArena’ on your smartphone or computer. This service comes with no guarantee of access.

Are there restaurants, kiosks and bars at Friends Arena?

Yes there are. Before getting your ticket scanned you can enjoy drinks, snacks and meals at the Carlsberg Bar and Bistro 1847. Inside the Arena there is a large variety of kiosks serving simpler fare and drinks. Access to the bars and the availability of alcohol changes from event to event and you can find out about it at the event information page at friendsarena.se. To event

Read more about food and drink at the arena here

Can I bring a pushchair into the arena?

Generally pushchairs are allowed into the Arena, but the promotor may decide otherwise. The Arena is not liable for injuries caused by pushchairs or for stolen pushchairs.

Vad gör jag om jag är missnöjd med platserna på evenemanget?

Ibland kan det hända att sikten från en viss plats skyms av exempelvis teknik- eller scenutrustning som tillkommit under den gästande produktionens scenbygge. I sådant fall eller vid andra problem med platserna bör du snarast möjligt söka upp Gästservice, så försöker personalen hjälpa dig att hitta andra platser.

Eventuella klagomål ska alltid framföras på plats till arenans Gästservice. Efter genomfört evenemang betraktas platserna som godkända av dig som besökare.

Who do I contact if I have comments or complaints?

If you have any queries or problems during an event please contact one of our onsite staff, or our Guest service / Information desk.

During the majority of events at our arenas, Stockholm Live rents out the arena to an organizer/promotor. The organizer/promotor has the main responsibility for the event, which includes security planning, ticket sales, age limit, sound- and light production etc. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the organizer/promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the organizer.

For other questions and viewpoints please email us at info@stockholmlive.com

Who do I contact if I have lost or forgotten something at the Arena?

During ongoing events all found items are stored at our Guest Service at section 140 at Entrance A. After the event these items are stored in our box office for a time and taken care of in an appropriate manner.

Contact info@stockholmlive.com if you have lost or forgotten an item at the Arena.


When was the Arena inaugurated?

Friends Arena was inaugurated on 27th October 2012 with a huge event under the banner of ‘Swedish Moments’ and directed by Colin Nutley. It was broadcast on SVT in front of a crowd of more than 50,000 people in the Arena and a television audience of 1,700,000.

Here’s a clip from the spectacular inauguration

Who are the architects behind Friends Arena?

The Arena was designed by Krook & Tjäder, Berg Arkitektkontor and Populus (London)

Why is it called Friends Arena?

It is named Friends Arena because Swedbank, who is the name sponsor, donated the naming rights to the Arena to Friends, a Swedish anti-bullying organisation. Friends is dedicated to creating a society for children and youths that is safe and equal, by preventing and stopping bullying in schools and sports clubs in Sweden.

Read more about Friends organisation

Who is the event owner of events at Friends Arena?

In most cases Stockholm Live hires out the arena to an event owner. The event owner assumes the main responsibility for the event including; health and safety planning, age resrictions, the sound and lighting production etc. during the event. The event owner is stated on the event site here on friendsarena.se.

Is Friends Arena the home ground of a football team?

The Arena is the national arena of the Swedish men’s national football team and the home ground of football club AIK Fotboll.

What is the capacity of Friends Arena?

The maximum capacity of the Arena is 75,000 (including standing spaces) for concerts and up to 50,000 for sports events. Stockholm Live and the event owner/promotor decide jointly on the capacity for an event. Despite the maximum capacity, it is not always the case that there are tickets on sales in these amounts.

Why can’t you make more space available when an event is sold out?

The event owner (and for concerts, the artist), together with Stockholm Live, decide on how much space will be made available for each event. Although the capacity of the Arena is 75,000, not all events are suitable for such a large crowd. 

Who do I contact if I want to apply for a position at Friends Arena?

Click on Work with us in the menu bar for all job postings. We usually put these up on, for example, Linkedin.

Where do I go for the latest news about events and Friends Arena?

You will find the latest news about us here on friendsarena.se and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you can also subscribe to our newsletter. As you provide your email address when you buy tickets to one of our events we send you a welcome mail with detailed information about your visit a couple of days ahead of the event.

Still got questions?

If you have looked through our FAQ but have not found an answer to your question, please contact us or our suppliers and organizers. If you have questions regarding tickets, please see contact information for the respective ticket vendor below.

Friends Arena's box office at main entrance A is open two hours before each event.

Ticket support Swedish Men´s Football Team

Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se
Email support: biljett@friendsarena.se (weekdays 09.00-17.00)

Ticket support AIK Fotboll

Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se/aik
Email support: aikbiljett@aikfotboll.se (weekdays 09.00-17.00)

Ticket support Sweden International Horseshow

Purchase tickets at ticket.friendsarena.se/sihs
Email support: biljett@friendarena.se (weekdays 09.00-17.00)
Telephone support: 08- 502 535 20 (weekdays 10.00-12.00)

Ticket support concerts and Melodifestivalen

Purchase tickets at ticketmaster.se
Telephone bookings: +46 771 70 70 70 (weekdays 09.00 – 17.00)
Email support: hjalp.ticketmaster.se/

Food & Drinks

All food and beverage at Friends Arenas restaurants and kiosks is created and served by Five Moments

Contact Five Moments

Other questions

During the majority of events, Stockholm Live rents out the arena to an organizer/promotor. The organizer/promotor has the main responsibility for the event, which includes times, security planning, event design, age limit, sound- and light production etc. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the organizer/promotor directly. Each event page shows who is the organizer.

For other questions, please feel free to contact us at info@stockholmlive.com